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Is the coffee ground already, or whole bean?

Our coffee beans do not come pre-ground for the simple fact that around 80% of the freshness, flavor, and scent is lost just 48 hours after grinding. As long as you have a grinder in your home, you will be blessed with the freshest cup possible every time.

How are you different from Drink Trade, Bean Box, Crema or Blue Bottle?

Firstly, we really appreciate our competitors. Anyone with the mission of making coffee better is a friend of ours. However, there are a few key differences between us and them:

1. We only offer whole bean coffee. This is to retain maximum freshness, flavor, and scent by the time your coffee reaches your doorstep.

2. Only YOU can change your coffee. Most subscription brands change their coffees multiple times a year, and sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting until it’s delivered. This could lead to a lot of stress, inconsistency, and uncertainty and as you won’t know when your favorite coffee will be gone and when/if they come back. You may even dislike what was sent and now you’re stuck with coffee that doesn’t suit your tastes until the next delivery. We give you total peace of mind and full control over what coffee you receive.

3. Larger bag sizes. Almost everyone is selling coffee in 12oz bags – which is less than a pound. We offer our coffees in larger 2 pound sizes, giving you longer-lasting coffee and maximum savings.

4. Tailored delivery schedule. By using our Frequency Guide, you are able to find your ideal delivery frequency based on how many cups of coffee you go through, so your beans will always be delivered before you run out.

What size are the bags of coffee?

Currently we offer our coffees in 2 LB sizes. Most coffee bags nowadays are sold in 12oz (3/4 LB) sizes, so you get more value with the larger size.

How often will I receive my coffee?

As often as you want! We put a lot of work into ensuring our subscribers always receive their next delivery before they run out. Use our Frequency Guide to find your ideal delivery frequency based on how much coffee you consume. You can change your frequency at any time in My Account.

What beans will you be sending? Are they different every time?

Unlike our competitors, our coffees don’t and won’t change. We send you exactly what you choose, giving full control of your coffee back to the person who knows your tastes the best – you.

Where does the name Expresso come from?

We thought it was a funny play on an often mispronounced word. It also represents the core essence of our brand – providing express delivery of premium, freshly roasted coffee.

Where is the coffee roasted?

All of our coffees are roasted after you order by one of the best roasters in the country. Our roaster is based in Illinois, meaning extra fast delivery everywhere in the US.

Where are the coffees grown?

Here is an updated list of our current coffee grower locations:

São Paulo, Brazil
Mount Kilum, Cameroon
Antioquia/Calda, Colombia
Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Salavan, Laos
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Lake Kivu, Rwanda
Mbeya, Tanzania
Mount Elgon, Uganda

Read more about our farmers here.

Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely. We believe in our customer’s freedom. You can cancel immediately after you subscribe if you want.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping will vary in each state. If you subscribe, we fully cover shipping costs for life.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but hopefully soon. The pandemic has raised global shipping costs, so we must wait for them to lower a bit before we expand to other countries.

Do you have any decaf options?

Not yet, but it’s coming. Stay tuned later this year!

What is your return policy?

How do I track my order?

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a USPS tracking number. You can use that to track your shipment on the courier website.

Do you add any flavors or ingredients?

No. Our only ingredient is 100% Pure Coffee.

Can I brew with a Keurig?

Our ExPods single-serve capsules are coming later this year. In the meantime, our coffee is compatible with your reusable capsules.

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