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  1. Poetesse


    Great quality coffee taste, middle strength between light and strong roast. No bitter or burnt taste.

  2. waterfallwind

    “Best by” date 5 months ago

    I subscribe, but keep getting expired bags. Last month only few weeks expired, but this month the bags were 5 months expired. Called Amazon for full refund, cancelled subscription. Unfortunate, it was good coffee if you can get it fresh.

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  3. Steven Vidrine

    Great way to start your day

    Really smooth not bitter. Would definitely buy again!

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  4. milphojo

    Very nice

    Very nice coffee. Will order more.

  5. Cape Codder

    Terrific flavor

    They come fresh with great flavor. Strongly recommend.

  6. PatKoco

    Love this coffee, I usually buy this at Whole Foods and loved the convenience until my last shipment. My husband and I are big coffee drinkers and buy two at a time. My last shipment both packages had an expiry date 3-weeks from receipt. Already too old when shipped. The beans get bitter when old. Cancelled my subscription.

  7. musical waves

    This is my favorite coffee blend; expensive but worth it to me. However, 2 of the 3 packages, delivered on 3/31, had an expired date the middle of this past January. Shame on you, Amazon!

  8. rickyj

    Very automatic pleasant aroma smooth tasty flavor.Good value for the money 💰 that’s a fact Jack 🎃 or maybe Jill.Enjoy your morning wakeup coffee ☕.ThanksShalom Shabbat ricky jenkins Doulas (Slave) to the House of YAH

  9. dave the vegan

    This is not bad, not as good as my favorite (Wegmans Organic Costa Rica beans), but these are more convenient to buy. These are a little pricy. I like Equal Exchange Breakfast Blend as a more affordable but not quite as good tasting, alternative.

  10. jimkao

    Feel a bit of disappointed. This is the second time I received my favor coffee bean that are out of the best date of used( this is 05/07/2021}.

  11. liuyin18

    “Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz” has always been my breakfast choice and I like it a lot. So I decide to subscribe it monthly.However, to my surprise, I got medium dark roasted coffee ground this month. Medium dark not light, ground not bean. The difference is like lightning bug and lightning. Not to mention that the due date is in 2 weeks.What makes me really angry is that received this twice.I issued an exchange and what I got was another bag of medium roasted coffee ground. And what’s more, I couldn’t even initiate a return after receiving 2 bags of “rubbish”. These 2 bags of coffee ground is far away from the taste I am used to. And they are all due in 2 weeks!

  12. Ladym

    I like the flavor of the coffee, but what I did not like was that the bag said it was expired in 12 days. That was a real let down. I don’t want to have to go to the store to buy this because its a 35 minute drive. But I might as well make the drive if I’m going to get this kind of product from here.

  13. Amazon Customer

    This product was fresh, I had no issues with that aspect. the flavor to me was okay, typical morning blend, not harsh or bitter. Thought it would be better but it wasn’t great just okay.

  14. lamgini24

    Not sure if this is why they are discounted, but the beans I received use by date was 5/14/2021. Delivered 6/14/2021. I requested a new batch, will update if new bags are also expired.

  15. Carla J.

    This is the best coffee I have ever served consistently at home. We have been drinking it for years. However, of late, the bags are within a week of expiration. Expired before we can use the full bag. I am subscribed to this product. We feel as if Amazon is dumping their out of date coffee on us due to the subscription.

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